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1. A return home to one's authentic self
2. A place of exceptional internal strength
Personal Color Analysis for Women & Men

( Click on the sliders above to learn more about the benefits and power of color analysis
for everyone, every day, in all seasons of life. )

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

~Wassily Kandinsky

Coming for an Analysis


Learn About PCA Online


There are many sites where you can explore the theory and process of Personal Color Analysis online. In particular, offers insights into the benefits and ins and outs of our service from analysts trained in the 12 Blueprints system.



Come expecting an enjoyable morning or afternoon, about three hours. We'll begin with a review of your questionnaire and the basics of color theory.

Wear your natural face;

no makeup or jewelry,  please.

Once your season is determined, we'll work with makeup from the 12 Blueprints Collection for each season. You may bring your makeup to test against your analysis results.

Contact Me

More information about the analysis service with how to reach me and a contact form can be found at the bottom of this page. When your appointment details are arranged, I'll send you a questionnaire and driving instructions to my home studio.

Color Analysis
During the analysis procedure we'll objectively analyze the effects of specifically chosen test drapes against your natural coloring to determine your best season. When that remarkable determination is made, you will receive your own fan with a demonstration in using it effectively. Following a basic makeup application, we'll also spend time looking at the Luxury Drapes and talk about styling .possibilities.

Misson Statement

Come to Beautiful Edgemont, near Rock Canyon in
Provo, Utah

Centrally located, less than an hour from the Salt Lake City, 
half and hour from the
Heber Valley, and just under four hours from St. George.

While you're here there is plenty to do in this university town;; some ideas are listed below.
Follow-Up Meeting

I am very interested in helping you to make the best use of your investment in a PCA. The analysis is a concentrated time where much information is shared but you haven't had time to process and experiment with your new knowledge. You are invited to return to the studio for a follow-up where you can ask questions about your season, bring items to swatch or discuss, and see the luxury drapes or makeup again. If you prefer, we can also arrange a Skype meeting to discuss how things are going. One hour.

1) To offer each client an attentive and careful  color analysis and

assistance in helping them learn to successfully apply their new-found knowledge;

2) To honor the individuality, hopes and aspirations

of each and every person who comes for an analysis.

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