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A Tale of Some Yellows

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Never Make an Assumption!

You may remember from the first part of your color analysis being introduced to a wide array of yellows across the seasons. Some may have felt overpowering, almost neon, while others seemed almost non-existent, depending on the season you belong to. They do seem to come more naturally to the seasons where Spring and Autumn have primary influence, I'll admit. Yet, whatever season you do belong to, there is a very good yellow for you, and it is/ they are worth seeking out (or at least being open to when they do appear)- your color picture would be incomplete without it!

This morning a Dark Winter woman was here for a return visit. After time to chat about the season and explore more deeply applying her new found knowledge, we turned once more to the Luxury Drapes. In the Dark Winter set, there is one yellow represented. Before it even landed on her shoulders I could see the gut reaction- this would be terrible. Instead, a pleasant surprise, a smile even, a real connection to the beautiful woman wearing it. "But that's not on the fan!" she protested. And she was right. This yellow makes a different first impression standing on its own-mellower and warm, but barely, and softly substantial. It's not as "out there", not begging you to volunteer on a road crew. But when compared with the fan as a whole the energy that says "We belong together" is definitely happening.

I'm glad I got to see her wearing it- maybe that view was like a rare bird that flits in and then darts away never to be seen again, but always remembered. I hope she finds it though!- it was just too good not to be more widely appreciated. When you wear your colors this way, across the whole spectrum, it's a subtle gift to everyone you encounter. Here's to your continued colorful success!

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